a review on design optimization of rolling contact

In China most humps were built or rebuilt in the 1980s and 1990s The design of the cars has an 18 t and 21 t axle load with sliding bearings [1 2] With the development of railway wagon technology the sliding bearing has been replaced by the rolling bearing which has better rolling performance [] and the axle load of the car has increased to 23 t 2011-1-7Multi-objective optimization of cold rolling system with lubricants using grey Devesh Shrivastava* S K Ganguly and R Banchhor Department of Mechanical Engineering Bhilai Available Received 3rd November Abstract Cold Rolling may be defined as the reduction of cross product through the use of rotating rolls below recrystallization temperature

A rolling prediction optimization strategy for the

2019-3-2A rolling prediction optimization strategy for the optimal design of grid connected integrated CCHP system with renewable energy and energy storage Haoran Li Chenghui Zhang Bo Sun and Yiming Li Published under licence by IOP Publishing Ltd IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science Volume 227 4 Energy and scientific research

Several optimization methods and intelligent optimization algorithms are explained with their pros and cons The review carried out gives the reader an idea about the tools and methods equipped by researchers for different objectives like power quality enhancement energy management load scheduling and reliability

2015-8-21Review Paper on Design Optimization of Link Mechanism in Vertical Carousel Machine wear In addition the contact condition (regions of contact for the wearing bodies) also depends on the system kinematic synthesis of a four-link mechanism with rolling contacts This mechanism comprises a two-fingered gripper

2018-12-18QIBR TECHNICAL REVIEW No 75(2007) Logarithmic Profiles of Rollers in Roller Bearings and Optimization of the Profiles* Presentation of award-winning articles 1 Introduction It is known that when a cylindrical surface or conical surface comes in contact concentrated stress occurs at the end portion of the contact with the resultant

2019-3-18The objective of the paper was performing of the sensitivity analysis of the model used for design of manufacturing technology for auto body parts made of the Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) Dual phase steel was considered as an example The sensitivity analysis was performed to evaluate the importance of all variables as far as their influence on the finishing rolling temperature

Developments in tyre design for lower rolling

2019-7-23This paper reviews the state of the art in tyre design research and development for lower rolling-resistance with focus on the primary source for the rolling-resistance (i e mechanical hysteresis damping) from three perspectives: the structural lay-up the dimensional features and the materials compound(s) of the tyre

2019-11-19A Review: Design Analysis Optimization of E-Bike Mane Shital1 Gawade Anjali2 kmph the rolling resistance is 11 N while the aerodynamic drag is 2 N approximately The maximum power contact between wheels and roads For such sufficient

2020-5-14Computation for Design and Optimization (CDO) is an interdisciplinary master's degree program that provides students with a strong foundation in computational methods for the study design and operation of complex engineered and scientific systems The CDO program is administered by the Center for Computational Engineering

Shape rolling is widely employed in the production of long workpieces with appropriate cross-section profiles for other industrial applications In the development of shape rolling systems roll pass design (RPD) plays an essential role on the quality control of products service life of rolls productivity of rolling systems as well as energy consumption of rolling operations

CAE is very effectively used for giving design input for finalizing the stiffness of Leaf Spring by doing dynamic calculations for vehicle handling capabilities Complete vehicle model as shown in Fig 17 is used to study dynamic behavior of the vehicle in rolling by giving lateral acceleration to the vehicle

2018-7-5The present work deals with the application of optimization techniques to mechanical design After an initial section devoted to a theoretical review of optimization algorithms in common use the thesis consists of two parts The first part is about the use of the adjoint method in the framework of aerodynamic shape optimization

This article concentrates on optimization of fatigue life i e dynamic capacity of rolling element bearings by using a novel optimization approach known as Teaching–Learning-Based optimization The optimization technique is applied to two cases of bearing i e deep groove ball bearing and cylindrical roller bearing by considering a large

2015-5-22A Review on Optimization of Dynamic Load Carrying Capacity of Deep Design TLBO I INTRODUCTION Rolling-element bearings are commonly used in machinery for a wide range of applications in the mechanical and methodology used by them was the contact stress analysis between the races and the balls They fixed the outer race

A review on the preload technology of the rolling

The performance of the spindle system and bearings in a machine tool is largely influenced by the preload applied to bearings Therefore it is a very important issue to determine a proper preload in bearings and apply it to bearings for satisfying the performance required in bearings according to its operation conditions This study performed a review on the preload technologies through

2007-10-15Rolling contact fatigue of railway wheels 2 1 P RELIMINARIES – FATIGUE FAILURES OF RAILWAY WHEELS applicable is the influence of material defects This issue is studied in papers A and B and will be further discussed in section 5 below This introduction starts in section 1 with a brief overview of fatigue failures of railway wheels In

2013-6-4Qualitative Knowledge in Rolling System Design Rolling system design is a knowledge intensive task and can be qualitative (Q L) in nature [16] Traditional RSD has been undertaken by individual experts using a mixture of empirical knowledge based on sound engineering and rolling practices acquired over many years of experience

2019-7-1The design of rolling bearings has to satisfy various constraints e g the geometrical kinematics and the strength while delivering excellent performance long life and high reliability This invokes the need of an optimal design methodology to achieve an objective of optimization collectively

Optimization of Contact Profiles using Super-Ellipse 2017-01-1349 In many rolling or sliding contact mechanisms like roller bearings journal bearings gearings or any contact between two semi-infinite bodies concentrated stress occurs at the edges of the contact

Roller Bearing Design Optimization Applying Hertz Contact Theory 1999-01-3036 In a large part of the mechanical elements used in machines and equipment the preponderant failure mode is not that of fatigue of the element itself but certainly the fatigue of a small point where the contact occurs

2019-1-1G Chandrasekaran Advances in the design optimization and manufacturing optimization of bevel gears-A Review International Journal of Engineering Research Technology (IJERT)-NCRAIME-2015 Conference Proceedings pp 129-133

2007-10-15Rolling contact fatigue of railway wheels 2 1 P RELIMINARIES – FATIGUE FAILURES OF RAILWAY WHEELS applicable is the influence of material defects This issue is studied in papers A and B and will be further discussed in section 5 below This introduction starts in section 1 with a brief overview of fatigue failures of railway wheels In